Our Story

In November 2016 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My daughter had a hard time understanding and processing what was happening to me and what we were all going through as a family. Our lives had changed and as a result, my daughter developed depression. She needed help and encouragement to understand what was happening.

Desperate, I search for an organization to assist her. However, what I found was financially straining. From this, I realized the overwhelming need for a cost-friendly place where parents can turn to their time of need, as a result Growing Tree Healing From the Roots was born.

I developed unique hands-on activities that helped her to feel better about herself and the situation. Together, we created visual art, which she carried with her. This helped her to release her emotions, elevating her depression. She became confident and happy.  As adults, we may not realize the stress our children endure. These stresses could be very dramatic throughout their childhood.

Growing Tree Healing from the Roots focuses on children, teenagers, and young adults who are experiencing stressful situations.  Also, visual art helps individuals under challenging circumstances such as divorce. Individuals cannot go through these changes alone; they need help, encouragement, and support. “It takes a village to raise a child.” Community support is critical when it comes to children.

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